What to know before buying a finca or a rural house in Spain

Thinking of buying a house in Spain to spend your vacations and that too a finca?

Spain has definitely attracted thousands of people and has become a sensation because of its spectacular beauty and luxurious lifestyle it has to offer. Different places like Murcia and Alicante in Spain have been lauded by the tourists all over the world due to their natural beauty. 

We all have heard of Spain as being a picturesque place. It has a plethora of remarkable rural areas with great sunset views. Endowed with immense amount of natural beauty and having a lot of scenic mountains, Spain should be on your list if you are considering buying a finca for sale. Investing in real estate is definitely not easy and if you’re a newbie to the competitive neighborhood of buying rural property for sale in Spain, then you must be feeling overwhelmed. Selling and buying a piece of land requires a clever skillset of quick decision making in a matter of split of a second which comes naturally to some and unfortunately, not for others. Buying rural property like rural fincas in Spain might be one of the most potential investments of your life. Choosing the right location for your finca in Spain and studying its demography is indeed essential before buying a rural property. Following are the tips and tricks that will help you make a wise decision regarding buying a finca or rural property in Spain:

Rents and Prices of Finca houses 

Many of the finca houses in Spain are easily available for rent or for sale to the foreigners. You can even easily buy a rural land at a cheap rate and start your own business venture there without any hurdles. Therefore, make sure to do a complete market analysis before choosing your finca house in Spain. You can easily find a budget friendly Finca in Spain for rent or for sale once you contact a reliable and expert real estate agent in Spain. Investigate the property tax rate before buying a finca in Spain. Property taxes vary according to location of your home. 

Look for Diverse Travelling Options

Spain has kept its travel routes really updated in the past. However, all the rural places don’t have fast and efficient shipping routes. In case you are planning to buy a finca for sale in Spain, then you must look out for a place from which you can easily travel to all the major parts of the country. No need to fret if you are going there as an outsider. All you need to do is hunt for a suitable rural area so that you are able to benefit from its easy travel system. 

Tax Free Regions 

Some parts of Spain have been listed as tax haven regions since past few years. Spain has a lot of attractive investment incentives and packages to attract the investors. If you are looking forward to live in a finca house in Spain to spend your vacations, then you can explore the tax charges imposed by government of Spain. In some areas of Spain, you can get duty concessions and investment allowances as well. Make sure to get to know the property market as well. Moreover, you must be well-acquainted with the property tax rates of the land. Different incentives like tax exemption and tax free regions attract thousands of investors to come to this place for trade and business as well as to spend luxurious time during summers in Spain. Make sure to do a thorough research before making a decision regarding buying a finca in Spain. It’s a prerequisite to know the market trends of Spain to see how much valuable the finca house will turn out to be. A random investment without any background knowledge and a blurry mindset can be risky. Hire a good realtor for guidance. 

Telecommunication infrastructure

Spain generally has a strong telecommunication network with numerous companies which provide good quality services to the people. They operate through fiber optic cable connections and satellites. However, remote rural areas of Spain might be lacking in this area. Make sure to check whether or not the finca house you are planning to live in, has sufficient mobile signals for easy communication. 


As you plan to spend your holidays in Spain, it is important to know whether the rural place you chose for your vacations has a well-established and well-developed banking system or not. In case of urgent need, you might need to transfer money within your bank accounts or transact money.  There are different financial institutions in Spain that provide full financial services to not only the local people but specially the foreign investors and travelers. They facilitate the traders and businessmen and have a lot of tax exemptions for them. Make sure to avail such banking offers during travelling.  

Lifestyle on a rural houses

If you are planning to buy a finca in Spain to spend your holidays, then make sure that the finca is located in a gorgeous holiday destination. It must have breathtaking and scenic beauty. If you want to spend the most precious quality time with your family or friends, then try looking into Spain’s holiday market. As a tourist, you will find many awe inspiring rural fincas in Spain for sale. Moreover, research about the demographics of the people living in that area. Try to know about their age and income so that you can get a clear insight into the lifestyle of the residents living in a place. You might want to review a census driven map and get some information about your future neighbors before moving in. 

Health and medical facilities

During your stay at a finca house in Spain, you might need to rush to the hospital in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is important to check whether there are hospitals and clinics near your residence in Spain or not. People of Spain normally enjoy basic healthcare and medical facilities which indicate their good quality of life. There are a number of healthcare units including modern private hospitals and medical centers all around it which makes it very attractive place to live and settle down.

Place for International Community

Isn’t it a delight when a place is welcoming for all the diverse people of the world? Look for a place in Spain which is welcome to accommodate international community and has people of different countries living there as residents. 

Rural properties are usually put for sale in such high demand in Spain and they get sold on top prices. 

Purchasing a property in Spain is not stressful - Consult an agent!

Spain has certainly got it together, a large selection of professional legal advisors, established real estate agents with excellent credentials and mortgage advisors oversee the purchase process and make sure, that the foreign client sails through the buying and selling process stress free. A whole professional industry offers all-round services for anything related to the property market, from legal aspects to rental agencies and property management/maintenance companies. Therefore, make sure to consult a real estate agent for buying a finca in Spain. 

Natural beauty 

Make sure that your finca is surrounded by ambiance which natural beauty preserved in it. Don’t go for a place where trees have been cut down and natural landscape has been ruined to build resorts. 


Try to buy a finca in Spain in such a place where there is a perfectly moderate and mild climate. Sunshine should be mild and soothing in winters and just right for summers as well. You will then be able to enjoy both warm and cool climate here which is perfect for a holiday. You can then take a stroll on beach and enjoy sports, golfing, hiking and much more here. 

Safe and Secure

Try choosing your finca in an area which has a good security force to facilitate the natives and tourists. Your finca should be situated in a place which is welcoming to tourists without any fear.

Undoubtedly Spain is a must-go kind of place when it comes to a holiday, but it also gives a lot of opportunities to investors and buyers. If you’re looking forward to spend your holidays in Spain, you have good chances of finding your dream rural house in this place! Spain offers supreme quality of life to overseas investors as well as land at economical price. You don’t have to look around for other tax haven countries when you have a good chance to buy a finca house in Spain. Wise thinking is necessary before making a decision regarding real estate. Relying on a mere stroke of luck that the property you buy will be your dreamland; is a folly.