How to choose the best place for you to buy a property in Mazarron bay?

Mazarron Bay Area - What makes it a head-turner?

Diversifying your investment portfolio is the need of hour nowadays and you need to look around to grab any possible opportunity in the marketplace. Mazarron Bay, an attraction for the overseas Investors in southeastern Spain, has a plethora of phenomenal antique places. Indeed if you are looking forward to do some corporate investment then Mazarron Bay in Spain is the place you should prioritize. From the busy urban life to the simple rural life, Mazarron Bay is an amalgam of different landscapes and cultures fused together in its little villages. With the huge and tall spires and flaunting an impressive main entrance, an old fort still stands with all its grandeur on the old road between Mazarron and Cartagena. This old fort exhibits some of the finest architecture with historic sculpture and altarpiece paintings inside it.

A trip to Mazarron Bay is therefore fascinating as this place is marked with scenic beauty of serene beaches, blue cloudy seas and ancient buildings made out of marble. Mazarron Bay has some of the most precious secrets buried inside the crumbling ruins and phenomenal museums. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting places in Mazarron Bay!

Attractions in Mazarron Bay Area


Bolnuevo, a closely knit residential area of Mazarron, provides breathtaking views for the visitors. Located on the Costa Cálida, it is a habitat for many diverse and colorful fish in its popular fishing bay. Bolnuevo is a majestic and magical land known for its ancient art, architecture, archeology, history, and philosophy. Therefore, Bolnuevo real estate business has a lot of scope in future.

Bolnuevo has beautiful beaches known for their clear water. They are picturesque and offer one of the best sights to watch at the time of sunset. The sea water inhabits diverse and unique marine life with the colorful deep water coral reefs visible from above. You will be absolutely mesmerized by the sparkling water of this beach and the variety of sea creatures it has! Don’t hold yourself back and immerse your feet in the sea waves splashing against the land. It’s time to feel the nostalgia, travel down the memory lane to your childhood and build sand castles! Lose no time and start looking for Bolnuevo property for sale.

La Azohia

La Azohia is a symbol of natural beauty as this fishing village in Costa Calida, is actually a coastal area of Mazarron. Blessed with the most breathtaking views and scenic beauty, this fishing village is surrounded by oak and chestnut trees.

You can do various activities like canoeing, hiking along the trails and horse riding here. It is a perfect picnic spot and can serve as a romantic place to visit if you are looking forward to a great and memorable afternoon.

Isla Plana

Isla Plana is a beach rock town where you can try different water activities like jet-ski's and cliff jumping in turquoise waters. The best thing about Isla Plana is the savory Mediterranean food offers at different cafes and restaurants here. Isla Plana is therefore a perfect place for real estate business. If you are interested in Isla Plana real estate and are looking for Isla Plana property for sale, then you must go ahead and invest here.

La Majada

La Majada, a small village located amidst the Mazarron hills, is famous among the honeymoon couples as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Spain. You can enjoy your leisure time here as it has fresh river water pouring down the hills and glistening under the sun. You can walk around the village and enjoy the marvelous architecture combined with beautiful landscape. It is indeed a marvel of nature.


Highly urbanized region, Camposol is the main attractive place for the major investors. It is located in such a strategic place that it is connected with all the major surrounding cities. The employment rates and available jobs in Camposol are also impressive. Camposol also has a good profile in the field of science and technology. You can have easy access to raw materials in Camposol and thus overseas investors are much interested in investing here. It has a wide domestic market and is improving its mortgage market. It also has a lower cost of living with a good quality of life being offered to its citizens. This makes Camposol perfect for real estate business. If you are searching for Camposol property for sale or are interested in Camposol real estate, then make sure to go ahead with the idea.

Mojon Hills

A seaside resort in the Mediterranean village of Marcia, Mojon hills has been gifted with a unique landscape which is a mixture of muddy and grassy. The atmosphere and ambiance of this place is quite refreshing, with lush green plane trees planted around these hills. If you look at these hills from far away, or from a helicopter, then these hills seem to be anthills placed between the bushes and grass. Moreover, the mojon hills have a lot of bars and restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes for the visitors here. You will surely enjoy this unique and amazing place!

Mazarron Bay is a hub for financial investments which has great potential of price growth and its economic conditions are also good. Moreover, with the exclusive Golden Visa Rule of Spain, it has indeed become a dream location for all the local and overseas investors. Therefore, you should start looking for Mojon Hills property for sale as the Mojon Hills real estate business is indeed favorable for the investors.

Opportunities for Investment in Mazarron Bay Area

#1 Economic Stability

Spanish economy has become stabilized after the recession period in 2014 . Billions of euros have been invested in the real estate which is a good and positive sign. Many foreigners have showed their interest in buying residential places in Spain as well. Mazarron Bay Area is a major attraction for all the foreigners as it is a commercial center and an attractive place in terms of tourism.

#2 Post-recession Scenario

If you are an opportunistic person and you are looking for some property available or low price, then Mazarron Bay Area is the place for you! After year 2007, Spain’s economy faced a major setback and it went through many ups and downs. As the real estate sector in Spain suffered a lot, there was a sharp decline in the property prices all around the country. The prices went down to at least 30-40%. Hence, as an investor, you can surely think about going to Spain and investing in different industries located in Mazarron Bay Area.

#3 Tourism

Mazarron Bay Area is known for attracting huge amounts of visitors from all around the world due to its scenic beauty. It is main touristic spot and recreational place to visit. Millions of people visit Spain every year.

#4 Golden Visa Rule of Spain

The Golden Visa is something which is an attribute of Spain only. The non-residents of Spain have been given a special privilege since year 2013 where they can get a place to live by investment and it also allows the investor’s family to enter Spain without any visas. It is indeed something lucrative. There are no restrictions for them in context of their stay period in Spain which gives freedom to them. Therefore Mazarron Bay is a pretty good place to come and invest in.

#5 Easier Investment

Spain comes with a wide range of investment opportunities for both the local and international investors. Banks in Spain are flexible in lending money and they vehemently support new businesses, companies and developments.

#6 Rental Increase

The trend of rental has significantly increased amongst the people of Spain after the economic downfall in the year 2007. Many people in Spain cannot afford buying their own residence and hence they make use of rental for their living. Mazarron Bay area is the main highlight of Spain and thus the rental business here is proliferating every day.

#7 Investments by Big Brands

Recently, many popular companies have invested in Spain, especially Mazarron Bay area, which has attracted other investors from around the world to do the same and follow the trend. Investors like Bill Gates and Goldman Sachs have invested in Spain. Not only that, big companies of UAE and Abu Dhabi have also done the same which has improved Spain’s international image in the corporate world.

#8 Direct flights

Spain is linked to UAE through direct flights. You can get a flight easily from Dubai to Madrid and Barcelona which is an added benefit for people of UAE who have relatives in Spain or vice versa. You can even commute easily to different European countries from Spain by making use of airways and railways or even roads. This makes Mazarron Bay even more attractive.

Properties in Mazarron Bay

Right now there are apartments, plots and terraced villas are available in almost all the areas of Mazarron Bay. Located by the beach and having a pleasant environment, these properties have a high demand in the rental market. You can find two and three bedroom villas in Bolnuevo. These villas have spectacular sea views as well. Many luxurious properties in Bolnuevo, Camposol and Puerto de Mazarron are available for selling and buying.

Thus from the above stated reasons, it is clear that Mazarron Bay offers a great opportunity to the investors to come and earn money here. Whether you are looking for mazarron property for sale or you are interested in Mazarron real estate business, Mazarron Bay is indeed a lucrative place to go to, for the investors!