How the opening of new Corvera airport will affect Murcia?

The hot news of the Corvera's airport opening

The hot news of the opening of the first civilian airport in the region of Murcia has been circulating around the area since long. After the previous airport, the San Javier airport which is a military airport, the new Corvera airport is going to be a great facility for the residents around this area. Let’s see how this region’s real estate value in soon going to increase:

Value of Land and Properties 

Having an easy access to an airport on time can make or break a deal for you when it comes to choosing your residence. If you’re someone who resides in Murcia region and needs to travel a lot for business, then there is surely a great news for you! There have been a lot of reports regarding the ongoing progress on the opening of Corvera International Airport, with its flight schedule going to commence very soon. Well, as promised, the much awaited for airport i.e. the Corvera Airport is going to get opened late this year in 2018.This means that this airport is going to solve all the worries related to transportation for Murcia and is going to facilitate the residents of Murcia by providing a great and reliable transport service to the dwellers of this region.  With all the necessary safety authorizations for the Corvera airport in place, we are all hoping that the Corvera airport gets fully operational soon this year. Therefore, Murcia is surely going to be an attractive place for real estate business in near future. The value of land and properties are going to be on a hike now as the opening of this new airport is a big attraction for all the real estate investors and land buyers. 

Looking at the rental properties of Murcia, we can see that there is a high demand and in turn the yield is also appreciable here. Having the longest golf resort of Spain in it and a 5 star hotel along with the Corvera airport opening up soon here, Murcia region is now surely an attraction to a large number of investors and property buyers. You can also earn a great deal of profit by renting your living space in Murcia region and even during the summers, you can rent it to the people coming from overseas. Moreover, being attractive for tourists and having plenty of restaurants in Fuente town, Oso Blanco and El Peral, water front properties, and unlimited shopping centers; Murcia region is one of the most fun places in Corvera. You can consider buying a beautiful golf course front home or villa here, and start living here. This place surely has all the natural beauty to attract tourists from all over the world. It is known for its scenic beauty and picturesque views. 

The fact that most of towns and resorts in Murcia region are located no more than half hour away from San Javier Airport and now with the news of the Corvera airport opening soon, even closer for all spots, this place is more attractive for the buyers and rest of citizen.  Not only that, another benefit of haveing a propety in this place, is that it will be just a few minutes away from the new airport. You can easily catch flights at this place and enjoy the rest of the Spain by travelling.  If you buy a property in Murcia region then you can enjoy many different parts of Spain at a pretty low cost at the same time you're doing a smart investment.

Corvera airport means a Boost in Tourism 

The Murcia region is only a 2 hours flight away from UK and has luxurious accommodations which makes it even more worthy! Looking at the long term goals, you should analyze the place before buying a property. With magnificent golf courses, lush green gardens and a soothing environment, it surely is an awesome place to live in. However, particularly the news of the Corvera airport makes it imminent that more tourists are going to travel this region due to international flights.

Apart from the Corvera airport opening here, there is also a luxurious 5 star hotel spa opening soon at this place nearby the golf course. There are many residential homes available at affordable bargain prices here. With the most exquisite interior décor and architecture, Murcia region has a plethora of phenomenal two-bedroom apartments waiting for you. You will surely love this urban-themed Spanish village area and lavish villas at Hacienda del Alamo. The rumors have it that this 5 star hotel spa is going to have all the world-class facilities to entertain its visitors. The famous golf resort at Murcia region is already situated at a perfect location as it’s very close to Murcia, Cartagena, and Lorca. This means that this place is perfect as a holiday destination. As the Corvera International Airport and the 5 star hotel spa are opening soon, the real estate prices are surely going to rise in this region. 

Why Buy Property Today, better than When the New Airport is Oppened

There are undoubtedly plenty of good reasons to make the Murcia region your home. If you are looking forward to buy an attractive piece of property in Murcia region then you are going to be pleasantly surprised to hear that this area is increasingly becoming expensive and valuable every day due to the opening of Corvera airport. The Murcia region is already an all-time favorite holiday destination for the tourists and has a very sunny and pleasant climate. Now due to the opening of this new airport, this region is going to be a main attraction for people looking forward to buy new land. However, once the Corvera airport is fully ones, the land is going to be too expensive for you to buy. Therefore, now is the right time to invest!


Our Final Say

Therefore, to sum it up, due to the opening of the new Corvera airport in this region, the Murcia region has a lot of potential as far as the real estate property business is considered. There are already many international investors who are keen in investing in the real estate business of this area. You should also look forward towards investing in real estate here! You will surely be mesmerized by its landscape as well as the refreshing ambiance of greenery which is a sight for sore eyes!