sierra espuña

There is a very large national park within 30 mins drive. The Sierra Espuña contains Murcia’s ...

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The Sierra Espuña mountain range is on the foremost eastern part of the Cordillera Betica, virtually at the point where the mountains connect with the coastal plains.

A national reserve park with wild herds of Sardinian Mouflon and African Aoudad running free, also wild boar, foxes and wild cats inhabit the park area.

The summers are hot and dry as the province of Murcia is one of the driest in Spain, although the peaks of the sierras normally receive 6 inches of snow in winter.

The lower parts of the Espuña are very mild in the winter (tee shirt weather in the sunshine).

Perfect tracks and trails for the adventures on the Espuña, fantastic scenery and views with Golden Eagles flying overhead this is experiencing the REAL SPAIN.