Mazarron is a municipality situated in the autonomous community of Murcia, bordering Cartagena, L...

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The town and region dates back to around Middle Palaeolithic Age, and there are remains from its initial inhabitants in the Morote and Las Palomas caves and in Los Tollos, El Palomarica and Hernandex Ros caves there are Solutrean remains. Further evidence of life and culture dating back to the Upper Magdalenian and Epipaleolithic ages are found in the Algarrobo cave.

The name derives from its occupation in the time of the Moors, who named the town Almzarron, which came from the Arabic al-mezer, meaning ochre or red. The regions minerals are rich in this area, hence the title.

There are many archaeological remains of interest throughout the area and you can visit the Town
Archaeological museum for further information on the long history of Mazarron.

Around Mazarron
Mazarron is broken up into small districts, with the main tourist areas being along the coastal region, including Puerto de Mazarron, Bolnuevo, Playasol, Playagrande and Bahia.

However, moving inland into the municipality and the landscape turns into vegetation and agricultural land, where tomatoes, cereals and citrus fruit are major produce for Mazarron. 

Further inland you come to the Sierra, a mountainous and unpopulated part of the municipality, where the land is more arid and mountainous. The beautiful forest reserve of Coto Fortuna is a beautiful area for those who enjoy rambling and outdoor pursuits.

Places to visit
If you are interested in exploring the history and culture of the region then you are in luck as
Mazarron is rich with archaeological remains and ancient buildings, which tell the tale. Interesting sites include the Old Alum Factory, the Velez Castle, dating back to the 15th century, the old Mazarron Mining Reserves, the 16th century San Andres Church and the Roman Milestone, dating
back from the 3rd century, there are indeed much more historical sites of interest.