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1. Mazarrón

The rustic mines of Mazarrón make it a treasure for adventurers, why not come visit it yourself?

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2. Bolnuevo

Bolnuevo is a small residential complex in the municipality of Mazarron, on the Costa Cálida in the Murcia Province of Spain. Situated in the bay of Mazarron, around 6 kilometres from the town itself, it was originally a peaceful, sheltered fishing bay, and has retained much of the peaceful and traditional charm of old.

With its quiet sheltered beach and relaxed atmosphere Bolnuevo suits families and couples seeking a peaceful, beach holiday destination.

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3. La azohía

La Azohia

La Azohia is a charming fishing village located on the Costa Calida, in Murcia, Spain. Situated in a beautiful coastal region at the eastern end of the of Mazarron.

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4. Isla plana

This beach rock town is perfect for those who like to take Water-sports to the next level, jet-ski's, diving and cliff jumping is what attracts many people tho these rocky and stone beach area, the town itself is beautiful and has many amazing restaurants that specialise in Healthy Mediterranean dishes.

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5. La Majada

This little village hidden around the Mazarrón hills has a main road that runs through it, being only around 200 Meters long, It does have a small river running through it where it has a memorial with a motorbike hanging up in a tree. A Classic Spanish in the middle of nowhere town.

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6. Leiva

This Tiny village is only made up from a few houses and the lands that surround it, a perfect little out-of-the-way village.

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7. Country Club Mazarrón

Country club is a really nice Urbanisation only built in the last 2 decades that is home to many foreigners and is primarily seen as a "home in the sun" kind of place.

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